Bruce Wayne, also known as "Batman," is a playboy-millionaire and crime-fighter who first appeared in "Realm of Shadows" and has been the protagonist since then. He is the son of the deceased Martha Wayne and Thomas Wayne, and Alfred Pennyworth as his step-father.


As Bruce Wayne, he is a charitable man and always is willing to help protect Gotham City, no matter the cost. As Batman, he protects citizens from villains, such as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Harvey Dent (Two-Face), Edward Enigma (The Riddler), and so forth.


As Bruce Wayne, he wears a variety of clothing, and as Batman, he has black and gray Bat-Suits.


Selena Kyle (Catwoman)Edit

At first, the two didn't get along and saw each other as enemies. In "Children of Arkham", they become allies and try to take out Lady Arkham, leading Batman having to choose between saving Catwoman or Harvey Dent, and either choice effects their relationship. In "New World Order", Bruce can choose to either stay as allies or try to have a relationship with Selena. In "City of Light", when Selena takes and steals one of Bruce's motorcycles, Bruce finds her can can say good-bye, and the player's choices from "New World Order" will affect how Bruce and Selena part ways.