Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, is a major antagonist in Season One, first appeared in "Realm of Shadows", has an alter-ego called "Two-Face," and now resides at Blackgate Prison or Arkham Asylum. He is voice acted by Travis Willingham.


Before turning into "Two-Face," Harvey has a good man looking out for Gotham City--always wanting people to feel safe living in Gotham City. In "Children of Arkham", he was injected with a chemical that turned him into a lunatic, making him want to kill all his enemies. In "Guardian of Arkham", he blows up a city block, killing citizens in the process, while he has no remorse for his actions.


Harvey has brunette hair, a blue tuxedo, a blue tie, a white, button-up shirt, blue eyes, and a Caucasian skin color.


Bruce Wayne (Batman)Edit

A year before the mayoral election, Harvey and Bruce were good friends, and Bruce funded his campaign for mayor, and Bruce can continue to fund Harvey's campaign in "Children of Arkham". After Harvey/Two-Face is defeated by Batman/Bruce in Wayne Manor, Bruce/Batman still want Harvey to get better and that his alter-ego "Two-Face" will go away.